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All of our corporate innovation workshops can be offered both online or offline and can also be delivered through a hybrid solution depending on the specifications of the client.

Our partner, Hopin, supports all of our online events to ensure that we deliver our services in the best way possible. Our offline events can take place at the client’s offices or even at a coworking space with one of our partners, such as WeWork.

Building an innovation culture

Mia is the incubator manager at Intelak, the leading aviation and tourism incubator in the MENA region.

We help you create a happier, sustainable workplace culture that empowers and engages your team. We’re here to help you edge out your unique, authentic culture to win against your competition while attracting and retaining the best talent, so you are empowered to create a more successful company.

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Mia Jafari

Manager - Emirates

Ideation expert

Oussama is the founder of Lussy.io and is a specialist at facilitating ideation sessions.

Generating an idea is an important and exciting process but only the beginning for entrepreneurs. They must develop an idea into a promising opportunity through innovative thinking, market research, competitive analysis, and dynamic business modelling.

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Oussama Gholmieh

Founder - Lussy.io

UX / UI expert

Arnaud is a Managing Consultant with Mastercard Advisors in the UAE. His vertical includes covering markets such as Bahrain, KSA as well as Egypt. 

In this course, you’ll discover how to design a persona for your website, understand how to effectively navigate your user to “checkout” and decrease your drop off rate. 

Measuring and optimizing the end-to-end process for your customers where it counts. You will learn how to utilize the right software such as GA, HI, UXT do this an ongoing basis for your business.   

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Arnaud Kinzinger

Managing consultant - Mastercard Advisors

Storytelling expert

Zina is the founder of Hummingbird Ventures and is a specialist at developing techniques for individuals to learn the art of storytelling.

In this workshop, we will take you and your team through an interactive step-by-step process to create powerful presentations that draw the audience in. Get ready to practice techniques to amplify the “power messages” in presentations and cultivate an active audience.

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Zina Ajlouni

Founder - Hummingbird Venture

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